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Kelly Wilk is the "master-mind" behind all of the products you see. "Necessity if the Mother of Invention"—PLATO…says Kelly! Her interests include in-line skating, roller derby, and anything that involves the creative process.

Riyong Wang is from China.  She is our wonderful and talented freelance artist that is currently studying at the Ringling College of Art and Design, majoring in Graphic Interactive Communication… "she can draw!" Riyong loves her bunny "Mushroom" and hopes to land a job with a fashion magazine or a "hip, up-and-coming" company.

Skot Lowery is among many things, a designer, an artist, an inventor, a writer and a lifelong entrepreneur. He has designed things from science museum exhibits to a submarine made of plastic bottles. A kid at heart, Skot loves to create designs for the kid in all of us. A native of Alabama, Skot graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Industrial Design. He is married and has a daughter and two sons. When not at his computer or drawing table, he can usually be found in his garage inventing "the next hula hoop".

Portraits were illustrated by Riyong Wang