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What does "Function" mean at School?
SMARTBoards® and "Writing Made Simple®"

Junction of Function, Inc. has unique "award winning" products that are fun and interactive for both the child and the adult. A child's "Function" or more notably their full time job is to "go to school." Their secondary or part time job is to "play."

This is the premise of Junction of Function, to both work and play. We cater to schools and more specifically Charter Schools all over the United States by providing "top-notch" consultative and hands-on therapy services. Also, with our award winning developmental product lines were designed to prepare children for school; we are leaders in our field. Our practice consists of fully credentialed speech, occupational, and physical therapists who, also oversee the pilot programs that we have incorporated into Charter Schools.

To demonstrate how we incorporate "fun and learning" and guarantee results from using our programs, please login to our website at and click on our star at the top right hand corner of the home page.
This is a wonderful tool to use at the preschool and kindergarten levels. Our state-of-the-art game teaches children how to correctly form their letters and numbers. The "Writing Made Simple" game first of all, is a very simple concept.

The site has a work area on top and below we have all seventeen of our letter magnetic shapes. To use the program, students simply touch and drag the shapes onto the chosen template and start to form your letter or number, (this can be used in conjunction with the SMARTboard®) or the child may use a classroom computer and drag and drop with a mouse. Teachers could easily prepare this activity for the children and follow our suggested developmental teaching sequence. The teacher may incorporate lesson plans from our new workbooks that focus on directional and prepositional concepts. Following our suggested developmental sequence may help teachers to differentiate the learning process and control the difficulty of the task.

This site works extremely well with the SMARTboard®. You can also increase the zoom level of your browser to make sure the application fills the entire screen! Please share this with the other parents and teachers in your school! It's a real winner!